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This year AHYBA will have an expanded boys summer league program which will consist of 8 10 player teams (80 players per grade) for grades 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th (these grades will not be combined so each grade will have its own league). 9th and 10th (8 teams) will be combined and 11th and 12th (8 teams) will be combined, just like the regular winter season. 


Registration will open May 1, 2017. You will register for the grade the player will be in as of the Fall of 2017.


Also new this year, AHYBA will have a 16 team boys College-aged league, which will consist of 10 players per team. College graduates or players over 23 are ineligible.


The highlights consist of the following:


  1. The season will begin the week of June 19th and conclude the week of August 7th, no games the week of July 3rd. Each team will play 7 games.
  2. Only games, no practices, the games will be on weekday evenings, no standings or playoffs. Every team will need a coach/team manager to handle substitutions and playing time.
  3. Most games will be played in the new gyms at Olive and Ivy Hill
  4. There will not be a draft, although not guaranteed, the teams will be set up based on friend requests.
  5. The games will be played with a running clock, one hour between games, with two game officials.
  6. All players will receive an AHYBA jersey.
  7. The cost will $65 per player, (a nominal fee will be added for non AH residents)

                              AHYBA Summer League Rules


1. 20 minute running clock per half. Clock stops around 10 minute mark for subs and during the last two minutes of second half unless one team is up 15 points or more. Officials can stop the clock to allow substitutions.


2. Two 30 second timeouts per game which can be used anytime


3. Each player must play 16 minutes which is 40 % of the game but equal playing time is preferred.


4. 5th grade will use a  Decrease Indent28.5 ball, all other grades will use a regulation ball


5. Bonus on 7th team foul in each half, double bonus on 10th foul which will result in one FT for 2 points


6. Technical fouls will result in 2 points plus the ball


7. Overtime will be 2 min stop clock, each team will be awarded one time out. The second overtime will be the first to score 2 FT's, or a basket


8. Defense shall be man to man however a team down 15 points or more may play a zone. No triple teaming 


9. Press Rules: Teams can press the entire game except 5th grade cannot press in first half, the press can be zone or man to man. A team up by 15 points or more cannot press.


10. Free Throw distance will be regulation 15ft


11. Three pointers will be allowed


12.  Lane violation shall be  3 seconds


  1. Only One free throw will be shot on shooting fouls, a made FT will result in two points
  2. A player or coach that receives a second technical foul will be suspended for the next game, any player or coach that receives three technicals will be suspended for the remainder of the season.